Clay target shooting or shotgun shooting includes the whole range of sports disciplines.

In any case all types of shotgun shooting imitate hunting – hunting of flying birds. Many years hunting as a spare time was a very expensive pleasure and not all could afford such passion. This notion was successfully transmitted to the notion of shotgun shooting..

No wonder that in countries, where this type of shooting began to develop, - England and USA, in most case shooting stands are located near the golf clubs – the same level of visitors. “Golf with a gun” Englishmen call one of the types of shotgun shooting – Sporting.

About the popularity of shotgun shooting in the Europe say many facts: 180 million of targets to be shot each year in England, 120 million and 100 million in France and Italy. Altogether according to different estimations the Europe uses from 800 million to 1 milliard targets.

Despite the fact that some of the types of shotgun shooting, for example, Trap, Skeet and Double trap are Olympic disciplines, the most popular types of the shotgun shooting in the world are those, which are of a big variety and are closer to the real hunting conditions. Such types are «Parcours de Chasse», Sporting Compak®», «Fosse Universal», Sporting.

Types of target, which are different by form, colour and flying, different flying speed and distance between the shooter and a flying target, different combinations of doublets – all that make unique each shot, each training and each competitions. For more detailed information about the possibility to indulge in shotgun shooting in Latvia visit the website of Riga shooting stand: