About us

Clay target production for shotgun shooting and sporting – it is our main type of activity. We use manufacturing equipment and the technology of the well known in the shooting world finish company NASTA. A form of targets, developed by the specialists of this company, shows the best aerodynamic characteristics of targets, which are of great value by shooters of the whole world. We succeed in saving in mass production an optimal balance of such characteristics as “fragility/rigidity”. Thanks to it we can successfully compete on the market with other manufacturers.

SIA QLine began its activity in 2001, as a daughter company of finish company NASTA. From its foundation Q Line has made many technical improvements, which allowed in increasing the number of produced targets, expanding the assortment and improving the manufacturing of ecologically pure production. Today we produce more than 3 million clay targets in a month.

One of the main principles when producing targets is following to stable technological traditions and searching for new materials.

As the result, our assortment includes ecological targets. Targets, which are produced from materials with a low percentage of polyaromatics, we supply to Germany, Holland, Austria and other countries, where strict ecological demands to be supported. Development of technologies and production equipment allowed us to produce special targets such as – “Rabbit”, “Midi-90mm”, “Mini-60 mm”, “Battue”. These targets we also supply to the consumers of NASTA company.

A constant cooperation with sportsmen and shooting clubs provides our reference with the shooting market.

The market of Baltic countries is not big yet, but we try to be here also. The main part of our consumers is European countries. Besides we also successfully sell our production in other countries, for example, Russia, Arabian countries, countries of Southeastern Asia.

Nasta Company has approved the quality of our production and now we use its brand that is well-known all over the world.